Recent Water Damage Before & After Photos

Apartment Water Damage

This apartment experienced a water damage after a toilet overflowed on the 2nd floor affecting the whole floor. The carpet & wood flooring were both saturat... READ MORE

Water Heater Causes Damage

This residential water damage occurred from a water heater. The customer's water heater in his attic had a leak and went into the walls, through the sheetrock a... READ MORE

Residential Water Damage to Ceiling

The homeowner noticed water damage in a bedroom of her home and then discovered the ceiling appeared wet. The carpet and furniture were affected in the bedroom,... READ MORE

Document Drying from Richmond Water Damage

Documents from clients offices are repaired in our document drying facility. Richmond water damage before and after, SERVPRO performed document drying services.... READ MORE

Richmond Water Damage Of A Flooded Gym

Fire sprinklers damaged this gym floor. Notice the color and quantity of the sitting water. With great effort our crews were able to dry the floor and restore i... READ MORE

Richmond water damage from flooding

If you live in Richmond and end up with a bathroom with flooding as bad as this, we are here to solve your problem. This example of flooding over 6 inches of wa... READ MORE